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Think Big: it's an Honour

Magazine Committee 2015-2016

Petra Arentsen (clinical- and health psychology)
Demi Blom (clinical- and health psychology)
Nina Chmielowice-Szymanski (general social sciences)
Kyra van Hamburg (social, – health and organizational psychology)
Marjolein de Jonge (developmental psychology)
Anneloes Kip  (clinical- and health psychology)
Shermaily Riley (cognitive- and neurobiological psychology)


At the beginning of the academic year of 2015-2016 the honours magazine committee was brought to life with the purpose of creating a brand new honours magazine. The committee brought together seven bachelor students of social and behavioural sciences of Utrecht University. Everyone really invested in the committee and brought their own set of skills into the group. After many brainstorm sessions and some support and guidance from the honours coordinators and fellow honours students, we came up with a concept we thought would work: the digital magazine “Think big, it’s an honour”. The name of the magazine represents the idea of being creative, exploring your own and each other’s possibilities and capabilities and moving beyond the boundaries of regular education. In line with the Honours Programme we wanted the magazine to be multidisciplinary bringing students, practitioners and scientists within the fields of social and behavioural sciences closer together.

We started reaching out to inspirational and perhaps even intriguing people within our social network, asking them to contribute to the magazine. This eventually resulted in the first magazine published in January. As we slowly started getting the hang of creating and running a magazine, we decided to also publish a monthly newsletter to keep people up to date of what is happening within the Honours Community. As of now, these are the two main tasks of the magazine committee.